Poliangolar srl - Via Keplero, 24/A1 - 20019 SETTIMO MILANESE (MI) - Cell. 346.5165001 Tel +39 02.900.900.16 Fax +39 02.900.900.24 - E-mail: info@poliangolar.com    

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Poliangolar srl - Via Keplero, 24/A1 - 20019 SETTIMO MILANESE (MI)
Cell. 346.5165001    Phone +39 02.900.900.16    Fax +39 02.900.900.24
VAT number: 07996190158
E-mail: international@poliangolar.com

The Poliangolar Srl company offers you a full service of consultancy and technical assistance before, during and after your possible purchase.

If you wish to contact us for a machining advice or to know if you our products are suitable for your need, please always include the following details:

  • machine tool that is being used
  • material to be worked
  • profile to broach
  • required size and depth of machined hole
  • speed, feed and size of the pre hole (only if you require machining advice)

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