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POLIKEY ® : attachment for slotting tools

Polikey2 Polikey is the first attachment of its kind for generating keyways, splines, lubrication grooves, slots, etc., in either blind or through, deep or small holes. Polikey is easily adaptable to most conventional tool room machines such as drill l presses, milling machines or lathes. This is a manual attachment that does NOT need an automatic movement; this is why it is especially recommended for reparations, maintenance or for small productions.Polikey1
The system is easy to use and is able to produce very quickly highly precise slots by using an interchangeable method of guide bars and bushes.

Polikey’s features:

• Easy manual operation
• Fast and precise.
• Excellent size, straightness and perpendicularity
• Fast location and centring of components
• Cutting inserts can be reground without effecting machining position
• Deep cutting depth capability
• mm or inch sizes