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POLIANGOLAR ® : broaching tools and attachments since 1965

The poliangolar was developed by Mr. Paolo Bremi in a Milan machine shop in 1965.

Mr. Bremi had been searching for a tool that would enable him to drill holes in a fast and innovative way for the customers of his machine shop. In fact until then, the production of square and hexagonal holes was a very difficult, expensive and imprecise process.

The invention of the poliangolar was immediately appreciated by those in precision engineering as it proved to be very efficient in its task. After being patented, it was immediately sold to many tooling and turning shops, shipyards, goldsmiths and to many laboratories that needed to drill special shapes with high precision.

By 1970 poliangolar attachments and tools were being used as far a field Japan.

To this day thousands of attachments have been sold, used by both small and large companies.

The poliangolar Srl, is an italian company that makes and sells poliangolar attachments and tools and polikey attachments (for slotting). It is situated near Milan and it is now owned by Sergio Bremi.